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CRFT Burger is a Proudly Local and Classic Burger Restaurant that Champions Impeccable Service And High-Quality Food.

Our focus is to bring Food Lovers together through delicious, perfectly crafted burgers. We pride ourselves on storytelling through our ingredients and know precisely what goes into every bite.

100% of our beef is grass-fed and carrot-finished, locally sourced from a certified humane California farm. Raising happy animals is what gives our fresh-ground burgers an exceptionally beefy flavor.

Our humanely raised free-range chickens are fed all-natural grains to produce a lean, umami taste you won’t get anywhere else.

Made, cured, and smoked in-house, our duroc bacon is incredibly rich in flavor. Its natural marbling creates a juicy and flavorful dining experience.

CRFT Burger is Built Upon Unshakeable Values That We Strive To Always Uphold.


At CRFT Burger, we invite you to take a seat and share in the joy of the perfect bite. Here, you’re family - as such, we promise to always deliver the best ingredients, service, and experience.


We’re committed to serving delicious food made with only the highest quality, thoughtfully-sourced local ingredients. Our meat is sustainably raised, certified humane, and grass fed, carrot finished. We’ve sourced our produce from the best California farms and are as hands-on with the production process as we can be.


With a love for great food as strong as ours, comes a dedication to always strive to be better and do better. If any part of your experience fails to live up to these standards, please don’t hesitate to let us know.